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Our mission: "To provide each patient/client with the RIGHT exercise or treatment program rather than the only available program". No two people are the same, hence there should be no such thing as a “generic” exercise/treatment program.

Popular Services

Clinical Pilates

Develop core stability. Increase overall health.

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General Physiotherapy

Help reduce pain. Improve health and wellbeing.

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Health Care for Children

Pilates for Kids; scoliosis management; enhancement of sports performance.

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Full Body Health Assessment

Thorough head to toe screening aimed at identifying the cause of existing problems as well as identifying any areas prone to injury. Results will form the basis of your Clinical Pilates program. More than 200 diagnostic parameters.

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Incontinence and Women’s Health

Health Point Physiotherapy offers a wide array of treatments for a range of different health issues that may trouble women at some point in their lives.

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Latest Treatments

​SCENAR Therapy

Helps your body to heal itself. No side effects.

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Drug Phoresis

Delivers drugs directly to the affected area.

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Electrotherapy and Ultrasound treatments

Treat pain & inflammation. Pain free. Non invasive.

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Real Time Ultrasound & Physio Bracket

Real Time Ultrasound provides instant feedback to make sure that you are activating your muscles correctly. Physio bracket allows for 100% accurate muscle strength measurement.

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