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Clinical Pilates is a very effective type of personal training. Each client receives their personalised exercise program tailored to their specific goals.

All sessions are fully supervised by experienced Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists. All staff have an extensive sport background. This, coupled with our thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics makes us highly competent personal trainers.

You'll have the option of undergoing our unique Full Body Diagnostic Assessment prior to commencing the sessions. Your program will subsequently be prepared based on the outcomes of the assessment. The assessment helps to highlight your areas of strength and weakness and also diagnose the cause of any existing aches/pains if you have them.

Your progress will then be monitored during regular complimentary reassessments.

Benefits of Health Point PT sessions compared to regular PT sessions:

  • Sessions are conducted by experienced Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists which means that risk of injury is minimised due to tailored exercise prescription with an emphasis on correct technique. Prior injury history is also taken into consideration and addressed.
  • Small groups - maximum of four people in the group (individual and smaller groups of up to two people are also available)
  • Use of Pilates reformer machines which aren't often used in your average PT session
  • Health fund rebates apply (we work with all insurance companies - Medibank Private, BUPa etc); HICAPS on the premises so you just pay the gap, no paperwork on your end
  • Up to 5 sessions claimable per calendar year through Medicare if you are eligible for the EPC Program - all you need is a referral from your GP

The sessions are aimed at the following:

  • Heavy emphasis on core stability and dynamic stability incorporated into exercise prescription
  • Areas of improvement highlighted during assessment are focused on during each session
  • Challenging and improving balance through single sided exercises and uneven surfaces
  • Improving general muscle strength and tone through using reformer machines, weights and resistance bands
  • Improving fitness through using a combination of cardio and strength straining
  • Improving flexibility through using specific stretches built into the exercises

Find out more about our Clinical Pilates program here: Clinical Pilates