Real Time Ultrasound & Physio Bracket

Real Time Ultrasound

Real Time Ultrasound

Real Time Ultrasound provides instant feedback to make sure that you are activating your muscles correctly. Leads to much higher treatment results. Physio bracket allows for 100% accurate muscle strength measurement. Designed by our team and only available at Health Point Physiotherapy.

Have you ever been told that you need to learn to engage your core or your pelvic floor muscles correctly? Do you know the feeling of trying to do what you are told but not having a very clear understanding of how to do it? Real Time Ultrasound solves this problem.

Real Time Ultrasound allows you to see on the screen how the muscles work. Our physiotherapists will explain to you which muscles you need to engage and then show you, on the screen, how they work as you activate them. This will leave you reassured that you are doing the exercises correctly.

At our practice we use Real Time Ultrasound routinely as part of your first Clinical Pilates session and during each reassessment. Our graded 12 point scale system allows you to see progress as your core muscles get stronger. The change is then reflected in your updated Pilates program following each reassessment. This means that the exercises are always suited to your current level.

Real Time Ultrasound can help with the following:

Physio Bracket

Physio bracket is one of Health Point Physiotherapy’s unique inventions. Usually to test your muscle strength you push against a device, generally a muscle tester, which is held by the physiotherapist. This results in an inaccurate reading which is affected by the physiotherapist’s own strength.

By pushing against the muscle tester which is attached to the physio bracket the physiotherapist’s strength is taken out of the equation, resulting in a 100% accurate muscle strength measurement. This reading is used for subsequent reassessments to track your progress and modify your program accordingly.