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What does PubMed say about… pelvic floor exercises for incontinence?

Bladder retraining and pelvic floor muscle exercises are first-line treatments for persons without cognitive impairment who present with urge incontinence. … Pelvic floor muscle exercises are considered first-line treatment for stress incontinence.

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What does PubMed say about… Drug phoresis for back and neck pain?

This study observed that ultrasound and phonophoresis (drug phoresis) treatments were effective in the treatment of patients with chronic lower back pain but drug phoresis was not found to be superior over ultrasound therapy.

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What does PubMed say about... Phonophoresis (Drug Phoresis) for neck pain?

The study observed that phonophoresis (drug phoresis) treatment was effective in the treatment for patients with chronic neck pain. A combination of phonophoresis with exercises can be used to obtain optimal clinical results.

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What does PubMed say about... Electrotherapy for hyperalgesia and pain?

Evidence continues to emerge from both basic science and clinical trials supporting the use of TENS for the treatment of a variety of painful conditions. Read the article to find out more.

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What does PubMed say about… electrotherapy for incontinence?

All of the parameters improved after the treatments in each group

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