General Physiotherapy

General Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are health professionals who have sound knowledge of the human body. This knowledge, when coupled with manual techniques, can help provide relief from a large range of musculoskeletal issues.

Physiotherapy treatments can involve the following:

  • Traction (gentle pulling on different joints)
  • Mobilisations (movement of the joint)
  • McKenzie treatment method
  • Massage
  • Heat/cold therapy
  • Retraining of posture and movements as well
  • Specific strengthening and stretching exercises to aid in your recovery
  • Taping techniques which can help retrain posture, decrease pain and protect from injury
  • Prenatal, antenatal and postnatal therapy
  • Incontinence therapy

What are the benefits?

  • Help reduce pain caused by arthritis (osteo / rheumatoid) & other musculoskeletal disorders (inc. fibromyalgia, joint replacements & post-fractures)
  • Improved balance & posture
  • Assist in the control of cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders such as diabetes or obesity
  • Enjoy the psychological & emotional benefits of regular exercise and social interaction