ADAAPT Program


Depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other mental health disorders are very common. This is why we, at Health Point Physiotherapy, have developed a highly specialised program to help patients deal with these conditions - the ADAAPT (Anti-Depression and Anti-Anxiety Physiotherapy) Program.

The ADAAPT Program utilises highly effective alternative treatment options for mental health conditions. These include:

- physiotherapy and exercise

- electroacupuncture

- phytotherapy and other nutritional supplements

- dietary modifications

While pharmacotherapy (antidepressants, tranquillizers and other psychotropic medications) is usually prescribed as the first-line treatment, it might not be suitable or effective for some people for a variety of reasons. These reasons could include:

  • cases of treatment-resistant conditions due to individual tolerance to the effect of the pharmacotherapy
  • severe side effects
  • contraindications to some medications
  • interactions with other medications or supplements
  • other factors

Some people also decide to discontinue pharmacotherapy due to pregnancy or lactation, aggravation of comorbidities or are reluctant to take medications because of their personal views. In such cases people might require alternative treatment options to manage their conditions without pharmacotherapy or in addition to it.

See our article Alternative treatment approaches for depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders for more detailed information on the treatment methods mentioned above and on how they can help manage many common mental health conditions.