Wrinkled Knees

Wrinkled Knees

Sick of having tired looking legs?

Too scared to wear those shorts or skirts for fear of people seeing your knees?

Knees, elbows and even wrists can be problem areas for wrinkles and saggy skin as we age. Although usually the face gets all the attention more and more people are becoming aware of these other problem areas. Saggy and wrinkled skin is caused by stretching of the skin over the joint. People in particular who spend a lot of time kneeling may see increased wrinkles around the knees.

There are a few simple steps that you can take to help prevent and reduce the visibility of the wrinkled skin around the knees.

Firstly a good skin care regimen should be adopted. Regular exfoliation and moisturising allows dead skin cells to be removed and hydrates the new cells coming through. Hydrated skin is healthier and responds to being stretched a lot better. There are some moisturisers specifically made for these areas that are prone to becoming dry and saggy. Be sure to check with your chemist or pharmacist for the best one for your needs.

Following good skin care a good strengthening routine can also help stave off those unsightly knee wrinkles.

By strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee the skin has something firmer to attach to. The knee muscles are also able to pull the skin back during contraction.

Studies have also proven that regular exercise affects the skin similarly to the way it changes our muscles and bones. People who exercise regularly are more likely to have better bone density, thicker cartilage helping to protect their joints and healthier skin. Athletes whose skin was tested showed they had thicker skin with better collagen stores. As we know collagen is lost as skin ages and it is the same collagen that gives our skin its’ elasticity.

Whilst some exercises are better than others, adopting a daily routine is the best thing you can do. Clinical PIlates in particular is a stand out as it can be specialised, is low impact for people worried about injury and can target specific areas.

There are in fact pilates studios around the world that specialise in anti-ageing exercises.

So if you’re worried about those tired looking knees why not try a few of the tips above and before you know it you could be walking around flaunting those legs in a nice new pair of shorts