Telehealth Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy Sessions

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As physiotherapists we well know the paramount role that a healthy lifestyle plays in preventing and fighting viruses by strengthening the immune system, thus making individuals more resistant to infectious and non-infectious conditions. Exercise is an essential component of this lifestyle.

Due to gyms, swimming pools and other health centres now being closed many people are struggling to maintain their normal health, fitness and activity levels. This results in flare ups of back, neck and joint pain and an overall reduced health and vitality. Besides staying active and fit through walking, which we encourage everyone to do, TELEHEALTH SESSIONS is another avenue that many have found successful. At Health Point we are very happy to see a lot of our patients and clients having great success with our Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy Telehealth sessions.


  • Improve YOUR posture and prevent and manage pain from poor posture
  • Prevent and manage back, neck and joint pain
  • Prevent and manage headaches
  • Improve cardiovascular and respiratory function


Our telehealth physiotherapy sessions are run via zoom. This allows us to carry out a highl effective live virtual session as though you were seeing us at Health Point. We have a wide range of non-contact diagnostic and treatment options which are very well suited for virtual live sessions. This allows us to correctly identify the cause of your complaints and come up with a comprehensice treatment program. Our contactless treatment options include:

  • specialised exercise programs
  • McKenzie treatment method for back and neck pain
  • self-soft tissue massage via verbal instructions
  • self-mobilisations via verbal instructions
  • specialised stretching techniques
  • pelvic floor exercises


These sessions are also run via zoom. You get an individual session using whatever equipment you have at home, such as weights, exercise balls/swissballs, therabands etc. Even if you don't have some of these things we can still help you to carry out an effective session using other things you have at your disposal.