Sports Injuries of the Shoulder Part 2 - Article by Margarita Gurevich, published in the Great Health Guide

Dislocated Shoulder Pain

In our previous blog Sports Injuries of the Shoulder Part 1 - Article by Margarita Gurevich, published in the Great Health Guide we looked at common sports injuries involving the shoulder. We will now discuss effective treatment options for these conditions.

So which treatment options can be used effectively?

1. Symptom and pain relief. In general, symptom relief and pain relief, is the first point of call. This can be achieved by avoiding aggravating activities, use of hot and cold modalities, electrotherapy, ultrasound, drug phoresis, SENAR therapy and gentle exercises if appropriate.

2. Regaining function with exercises. The next phase of recovery should focus on regaining function of the shoulder. This will likely involve an exercise program which is gradually progressed, comprising of assisted range of motion exercises, postural exercises, active range of motion exercises, strengthening and stretching. Clinical Pilates is a very effective exercise treatment tool.

3. Practice functional movements and tasks. Finally, the focus should shift towards more functional tasks. In sports rehabilitation this includes practicing specific components of each sport, such as swinging a tennis racquet above your head when serving or practicing a swimming stroke. It is important to note that the ‘shoulder’ encompasses not only the ball and socket joint, but also the scapula (shoulder blade) and therefore any rehabilitation will likely involve a focus on the rotator cuff and postural muscles as well. Sports injuries of the shoulder can be treated with successful rehabilitation of the shoulder joint and surrounding muscles.