Physiotherapy in Prevention of Covid-19 and Other Respiratory Infections

Keep Your Health!

Can physiotherapy be effective in prevention of Covid-19 and other respiratory infections? Yes, absolutely. In this blog we will explore how it can do this, which will be positive news in these turbulent times.

As physiotherapists we well know the paramount role that a healthy lifestyle plays in preventing different diseases including viral and bacterial infections by strengthening the immune system, thus making individuals more resistant to infectious and non-infectious conditions. Exercise is an essential component of this lifestyle. Clinical Pilates – Pilates sessions run by highly trained health professionals, such as physiotherapists, is a very safe and effective type of exercise for prevention and treatment of a wide range of health conditions. How, in particular, does it help when it comes to respiratory conditions such as covid-19 and others?

When we exercise our breath and heart rates go up indicating activation of our respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The stronger these systems are the better we are able to cope with respiratory infections.

Clinical Pilates can also help to prevent complications associated with respiratory infections by dealing with pre-existing health issues. It is well known that when a person has serious underlying conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease and others he is more likely to develop complications as a result of respiratory infections. Clinical Pilates can help to improve the individuals’ general health and wellbeing, making them fitter and stronger.

As mentioned above one important feature of Clinical Pilates sessions is that they are run under the strict supervision of physiotherapists. Prior to starting the sessions it’s highly recommended to have a Full Body Assessment which is an effective diagnostic approach helping to determine the cause of existing issues as well as identify general areas of strength and weakness. The data obtained from this assessment forms the basis of each person’s Clinical Pilates program, making it highly individualised.

The fact that the sessions are conducted by physiotherapists as the instructors means that there is virtually no room for error while doing the exercises, which significantly reduces the risk of sustaining an injury or aggravating the pre-existing conditions during the session.