Non-Surgical Scoliosis Management

Scolisis Psse

At Health Point Physiotherapy we have development a Scoliosis Management Program based on our international training in the ‘BSPTS-Concept by Rigo’ qualification. The ‘BSPTS-Concept by Rigo’ method is a development of the original Schroth method. Our Senior Physiotherapist, Margarita Gurevich, has recently undergone extensive training in this method.

Our Scoliosis Management Program is comprised of two main aspects - a thorough assessment as well as PSSE (Physiotherapy Specific Scoliosis Exercises). Other parts of the program involve Clinical Pilates and specific home exercises.

The ‘BSPTS-Concept by Rigo’ method is highly effective in managing scoliosis and is completely evidence based and clinically proven. It allows us first of all to differentiate between structural vs functional scoliosis and if it is, in fact, structural scoliosis, it then enables us to correctly diagnose the type of scoliosis you have. It also allows us to diagnose any other issues you might have which could be contributing to the scoliosis (e.g. pelvic instability, ligamentous laxity etc).

Once the assessment is completed and we have made the diagnosis we develop a treatment program specific to your needs, as based on the assessment outcomes. One of the main parts of the treatment is PSSE (Physiotherapy Specific Scoliosis Exercises).

Find out more about PSSE and our Scoliosis Management Program here: Scoliosis Management