Drug Phoresis - How Can It Help Me?

Drug Phoresis

Drug phoresis is a form of physiotherapy which is highly effective in the treatment of a number of pathologies. It involves the combination of electrotherapy and specific medications. Thus we can use galvanic (electrical) current, ultrasound (sound waves) or magnetotherapy (magnetic field) in order to deliver medications to the affected area.

Even when used without medications, the electrotherapy treatment modalities mentioned above are very effective. They work via different pathways leading to improving the local blood circulation and consequently tissue oxygenation, activating cellular metabolism, increasing membrane permeability. These modalities provide analgesic effects through release of endogenous opioids and increased sensitivity of opioid receptors, promote ionic transport across cellular membranes and enzymatic activity and reduce the levels of proinflammatory cytokines. The resulting treatment effects include reduced pain and inflammation and accelerate the overall healing process. The use of medications complements or synergises the effect of electrotherapy modalities.

In our practice we always prefer not to use medications unless it's absolutely necessary. Sometimes, however, the effects obtained through electrotherapy, ultrasound or magnetotherapy alone are not sufficient so we employ drug phoresis. In this process electrotherapy, ultrasound or magnetotherapy work synergistically with the medications in order to enhance the treatment effect. We always start with non-steroidal medications (e.g. fisiocrem, voltaren gel); if these don't result in the desired treatment effect we consider using steroidal drugs such as cortisone.

Drug phoresis can help you with the following:

  • bursitis
  • tendinitis
  • adhesive capsulitis
  • other pathologies which did not respond to electrotherapy alone

Benefits of drug phoresis:

  • allows drug delivery specifically to the affected organ or tissue
  • avoids potential gastrointestinal degradation of the drug
  • avoids or minimises adverse reactions of the drug
  • maintains local drug effect for a prolonged period
  • reduces the drug dose required
  • combined effect of electrotherapy modalities and drugs

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