Cardio (HIIT) Program for Weight Management, Fitness and General Health

Dietetics Weight Management

At Health Point Physiotherapy we believe that weight management and healthy lifestyle involve three main aspects:

  • cardio training
  • weights training
  • healthy diet

We have recently expanded our weight management program by adding in cardio (HIIT) training.

The first step is a thorough assessment, which involves the following:

  • general medical and cardiovascular history
  • BMI
  • percentage of body fat
  • percentage of body water
  • girth measurements
  • spirometry (lung function testing)
  • cardiovascular assessment
  • short trial cardio (HIIT) training session

This ensures that your cardio (HIIT) program is developed specifically for you, taking into account your medical history, injuries and fitness level.

Find out more about our Cardio (HIIT) Program here: Cardio (HIIT) Program