3 Tips to Stay Active and Fit During the Holiday Season


The first half of the year is packed with public holidays, which can be quite disruptive to our fitness routine. How, then, can we avoid these disruptions and stay active and fit during the holidays? Try these three simple tips.

1. Think ahead and block off time for exercise.

Be it first half of the day, or towards the evening, block off time when you can do your exercises/physical activities. That way time won't get the better of you, you'll stick to your exercise routine and will reap the physical and mental health benefits.

2. Plan activities which can be done in any weather conditions.

Most Physiotherapy Centres/gyms are closed during public holidays, and weather conditions won't always allow you to go for a walk/jog/bike ride. Hence, plan activities which can be done inside as well as outdoor activities. We're all guilty of falling into the trap of "it's raining/too hot, I can't go outside, so I'll just give fitness a miss today". If you plan ahead for this, however, you'll still be able to stick to your fitness routine.

Some great fitness activities which can be done inside are:

  • doing a pre-recorded Clinical Pilates session (ask your physio how this can be organised)
  • using a skipping rope/doing star jumps/burpees as part of your exercise routine to get in cardio training (check with your physio first to make sure that this is safe for you)
  • getting a series of home exercises from your physio which you can mix and match to avoid doing the same routine over and over (speak to your physio about this)

3. Arrange to train with a family member/friend.

Sticking to an exercise routine can be much easier if we do it with someone. It can also help with our motivation and diligence. So why not speak to a family member/friend and schedule an activity you can both do together. We've listed some options in the previous two tips, so you can pick from those or find your own favourites.

Speak to us or your physio if you need more information/ideas on how to stay active and fit during holidays.