Combining Electrotherapy and Clinical Pilates


by Margarita Gurevich
Senior Physiotherapist

Clinical Pilates is an efficient physiotherapy modality to treat and prevent various health problems. It also allows improving your posture, balance, body shape and muscle tone, physical endurance, and general wellbeing. However there are some conditions where the use of this technique is not recommended or not well tolerated. This is mainly associated with acute inflammatory processes of the musculoskeletal system. Clinical Pilates sessions performed concurrently with such conditions could cause pain and physical discomfort and aggravate the symptoms. For that reason it should not be prescribed.

At the same time it is not the best tactics just to postpone Clinical Pilates until the symptoms disappear. Leaving the problem untreated could lead to potential transformation of the acute stage into chronic conditions. In these cases we use initial electrotherapy treatment which helps alleviate the symptoms and improve the physical conditions of the patient. As soon as the symptoms are reduced it is possible to start Clinical Pilates training. The electrotherapy treatment could continue for a period of time in parallel with the Clinical Pilates sessions. This would assist in controlling the disease and also improve the muscle strength to increase the effectiveness of the Clinical Pilates treatment. When the physiotherapist is satisfied with the progress of the treatment the electrotherapy is replaced with Clinical Pilates itself.