Benefits of Balneotherapy


by Dr Vladimir Gurevich
Senior Clinical Advisor

Welcome to the Health Point Physiotherapy health resort Melbourne Matsesta. The health resort is designed to help you in various ways depending on your needs for a treatment of medical conditions, reliable rehabilitation therapies, rejuvenation and anti-ageing procedures, or just aiming to relax, reduce stress, and recover for everyday activities.

At our practice we follow the balneotherapy approaches adopted at the best European health resorts such as Matsesta, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), and others. This implies that mineral spas form a part of the complex therapy also comprising exercise programs, dietary advice, detoxification procedures, and other techniques maximising the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our spas in their mineral composition and other physicochemical properties are essentially identical to the natural ones used in Matsesta and other popular health resorts meaning that you would reap the same health benefits. A variety of mineral spas available in our practice enables us to prescribe the most appropriate treatment for you. The mineral spas are prepared in accordance with the medically approved guidelines. They demonstrated proven results reflected in many clinical trials and observations described in peer-reviewed journals. The mineral spas are used either alone as monotherapy or in combination with Clinical Pilates, exercise programs, SCENAR blanket, organic detoxifying cocktails, and other treatment methods. The progress of your treatment is reviewed in regular reassessments. If required we could complement your treatment plan with our various supplementary health programs for maintaining weight, pregnant women, and other.

All balneotherapy treatments are prescribed only by our qualified physiotherapists what means that your health goals would be appropriately addressed. Prior to prescribing the treatment you would undergo a comprehensive diagnostic examination investigating the conditions of you musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and other systems. This would allow us to prepare your treatment plan addressing your specific health problems, treatment goals, and other parameters. It would also consider potential contraindications such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, acute thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, infectious diseases, and other conditions.

In our practice we strictly adhere to the principles of Good Clinical Practice where all balneotherapy procedures are thoroughly monitored and documented by specially trained professional personnel. This means you could trust that our treatments are performed in accordance with your specific health requirements and confidentiality of your records is assured.